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Sometimes you want to sit back and jerk it to some seriously classy shit. On those days I definitely pull up Only Opaques and have a good time. Those girls are always wearing the sexiest tights, stockings, garter belts, and lingerie. I’m biting my lip just thinking about those gorgeous models. I’d do anything to rip off those clothes and have my way with them.

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hotnatasha99 in sexy panties and a kinky top

While I was younger I had a girl on my street that was a total daddy’s girl. She still wears the same frilly panties and silly print panties with Hello Kitty or other childish prints on them. Some of her panties were downright sexy though. One in particular was a little see through. It was seamless in the crotch with no gusset. I could see her naked pussy right through them and she loved to show it off. With one stipulation: I had to jerk off until I came for her.

We did this little show and tell game for about a year and then she scared the shit out of me by inviting a friend to watch. I was very embarrassed. When I didn’t jerk off both girls were very cross. I told them it was because I couldn’t not see through her friends panties. So both girls pulled their panties over.

I had never seen my original crush’s pussy before and it was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. Hairless except for a few wisps on her mons and pink as a rose petal. I wanted to lick the glistening juices up!

It took me a long time to find a girl that reminded me of my friend, but I found her finally. She is HotNatasha99 and the resemblance is uncanny. She has the same cute face, long hair and perky tits with a pink pussy between her athletic legs.

Spend some time with one of the hundreds of free chatsex models on! They will leave you spent and ready to tackle the day!

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POV Porn Videos You Can Sink Your Cock Into

It is about fucking time that somebody created interactive POV porn videos that you can sink your cock into. Wait… what?

Virtual Porn Stars has a new video technology that creates full length porn movies you can play as interactive games on Each movie has multiple scenes and each scene has alternative ways you can play it out. There are dozens of such alternate passage ways in the games so they all can be played multiple times without getting boring.

There are now over 100 titles in the library with many more on the way. You can play virtual porn games with small tits porn or switch it up and do big tits porn games. They have all of the hottest porn stars in each niche.

Ditch all of your DVDs and play porn games filled with the kind of porn situations and plots you enjoy most!

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I first fell in love with girls (and their panties) when I was about 11 years old. My sister is 3 years older than me, and one hot July afternoon I caught a glimpse of her walking down the hallway from the bathroom to her bedroom. She had just finished showering and was wearing nothing but some thin cotton panties. Even though she was my sister, I was wildly aroused as I watched her little panty-clad ass jiggle down the hall.

Before long I found myself daydreaming and fantasizing about girls and their panties. I wondered how they smelled. I wondered how they tasted. And I wondered how those panties would feel wrapped around my ever-curious cock. Eventually all my panty lusts culminated in unabashed panty theft. I stole my sisters panties. I stole my mom’s panties. And when I went to college, I started stealing dirty panties from the laundry facilities in the dorm.

Sucking in the fragrant aromas and tasting that sweet panty nectar became a total obsession for me. It turned me into a veritable used panty freak.

Today I’m a general contractor. I work from sun up to sundown, and I don’t have opportunities to steal girls panties anymore. So I’ve resorted to buying used panties online. My favorite used panty seller is Amy from She has an endless selection of hot used panties, thongs, and pantyhose. She ships discreetly. And her panties always smell absolutely amazing. Nothing makes me cum harder than when I’m inhaling Amy’s sweet pussy aroma and jerking my cock into submission.

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Woman in thong with a bow

You might be wondering why you should find a fuck buddy and skip the commitment of a full blown relationship. There are quite a few good reasons, but only if they apply to your specific situation. If you fall outside of their scope then a committed relationship might be a better fit for you than one with no strings attached.

By far one of the biggest reasons guys look for fuck buddies is they are looking for a low maintenance relationship. One they can reap the benefits of without putting out a lot of effort on their part. One problem that can crop up though is that the female may become jealous overtime so it is best to use a one and done policy. This kills two birds with one stone since the pussy never gets old either.

Another major reason guys want fuckbuddies instead of wives is that fuck buddies often do things wives just won’t do. One of them is to dress up sexy for sex. Most wives don’t want to put out the effort. Most new relationship women, however, are looking to spring their new black thong with a bow on you.

If you are looking for a non-committed relationship a good place to start your search for one is It is a good primer on finding no strings attached relationships from online companies that are committed to keeping you from commitment!

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solo girl

Now doesn’t sound awesome? If you ask me, this is the best thing that could have reached my ears today. Hearing that a busty wife like Angela White is ready to squeeze my cock and to give me a boob job… it’s fucking awesome. It induces me with a boner just thinking of all the other nude galleries of her on where she’s showing her big boobs and plays with them like they are her favorite toys. Actually, I’m certain that those boobs are her favorite toys from the way she’s playing with them.

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Daisy Watts Only Secretaries pink frilly panties

This photo of Daisy Watts from Only Secretaries has it all. She has an amazing ass. Her frilly pink panties go up her crack a little. Guys love that, girls hate it. She is doing a Lela from Futurama with one eye showing. You want to come up behind her and cup her beautiful breasts while nestling your cock between those buns.

Only Secretaries has dozens of the hottest models from the UK. There is something about women in the UK and knickers. They really know how to tease. focuses on the hottest work related fantasy of all: banging your secretary!

The site is loaded with videos and photo sets of girls flashing their panties and teasing you until you explode hot gobs of cum in your pants. Some girls get completely naked and others do not. No matter how much, or how little, clothing they do have on, all of the girls and their panties are worth looking at.

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