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After a long night of dancing, laughs and drinking you have her back at the hotel. Things move pretty fast. She has your pants and underwear off before you can even get fully erect. Your heart pounds when she giggles at your penis. The sudden jolt in blood pressure causes your cock to go fully hard so fast that it hurts. Your date notices you wince and now she feels bad. She makes a pouty face while she rips off her shirt, her bra and her skirt. She hovers over your cock and you can make out her pussy slit as it sucks her panties into it’s lips.

She makes a surprised face looking down at her panties. You can see a big wet spot. Way too much liquid to be her pussy’s oils. She peed herself!

Now you giggle unable to take your eyes off of the wet patch of panties that have now turned see through and are fully exposing her outer lips. Her face turns wry and she releases a torrent of clear pee into the head of your extended cock. The pee stream tickles intensely and you buck up instinctively touching your cock to her clit. She bounces up and down successively until your cock sinks into her extremely moist snatch.

You are now balls deep inside her. As she rolls her hips in diagonal revolutions that work your cock so well it feels like you are fucking a real pussy. Nice, very-realistic warm pussy. The kind you can fuck for hours and never get bored of it.

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