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I’ve always had a thing where if anyone tries to give me any advice I try my best to at least take a part of it in. There is such a thing as wisdom as well all know, how much if it you take it really does depend on how well you listen to others.

If I get the opportunity to read well written articles about sex I take it with both hands and go for it. I think we’d all like to think that we’re the ones that know everything. We know all the best ways to make love, we know how to keep a girl happy, do you know how to keep that girl coming back for more?

Once you expand your mind it’s a real wonder on how much more information that you can store inside it. Life is all about learning, yet you also need to put that learning into something practical. At least when you score some action with a hot babe you’ll now have the highest chance of keeping her coming back for more.

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