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It took me a while, but I have finally found a girlfriend that will let me fuck her with her panties on. Most girls always assume it is panties off when the big stick comes out. I hate that. I prefer to keep those knickers on her so I can feel them as I grab her ass and what not.

If you feel the same as I do about babes fucking with their panties on I suggest you try out The site gets its videos from other sites. It only grabs the cream of the crop so that, in effect, you have 100’s of videos to watch that all rock out with their cock out!

Categories on the site include everything under the sun. Each video is tagged so you can search for terms that make your wood harder than a rock and get back dozens of results. Time for me to dream a little dream of filling this panty wearing skank’s ass with cream. See you around.

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To think I found this angelic beauty with a random chat service kind of blows me away. How fucking lucky can you get on your first try? Her name is SofiDollyy and you can click her name to go directly to her bio page so you don’t have to search for her.

As most of you know I love girls in panties. More importantly, I love it when they model their panties for me. Sofi is wearing a sexy pink bra and panty set worthy of a cum load for sure.


While I instantly fell in love with her pink panties I really fell head over heals when I saw her wet pink pussy for the first time. Along with digging girls in their undies I like to lick pussy as well. Sofi has a pussy I could find myself licking for hours on end.

Spin the wheel at Live Chat Random or click her picture to give Sofi a whirl. Either way you win!

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