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I was shopping at Ikea of all places just the other day and for some reason I had it in my head that I could put this table that I purchased together. Of course it came with instructions but I’ve always had an issue following them. It doesn’t matter how easy or how complicated they are, when it comes to putting something together I just fail on so many levels.

I was talking to my buddy about it and while he sympathized with me he was also laughing so hard under his breath. It’s fine for him to be like that as he doesn’t have the same problem as me. I decided to ask him what his secret was and honestly it really shocked me with his reply.

It turns out that he has been getting jerkoff instructions from all manner of cute girls. He said that if he can basically follow their instructions putting something else together with his hands isn’t going to be that difficult at all. I guess it does make perfect sense when you really think about it. I figured there was nothing to lose and I should totally grab this 26% off discount to Jerkoff Instructions, it wasn’t like it could make things any worse!

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