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I first fell in love with girls (and their panties) when I was about 11 years old. My sister is 3 years older than me, and one hot July afternoon I caught a glimpse of her walking down the hallway from the bathroom to her bedroom. She had just finished showering and was wearing nothing but some thin cotton panties. Even though she was my sister, I was wildly aroused as I watched her little panty-clad ass jiggle down the hall.

Before long I found myself daydreaming and fantasizing about girls and their panties. I wondered how they smelled. I wondered how they tasted. And I wondered how those panties would feel wrapped around my ever-curious cock. Eventually all my panty lusts culminated in unabashed panty theft. I stole my sisters panties. I stole my mom’s panties. And when I went to college, I started stealing dirty panties from the laundry facilities in the dorm.

Sucking in the fragrant aromas and tasting that sweet panty nectar became a total obsession for me. It turned me into a veritable used panty freak.

Today I’m a general contractor. I work from sun up to sundown, and I don’t have opportunities to steal girls panties anymore. So I’ve resorted to buying used panties online. My favorite used panty seller is Amy from She has an endless selection of hot used panties, thongs, and pantyhose. She ships discreetly. And her panties always smell absolutely amazing. Nothing makes me cum harder than when I’m inhaling Amy’s sweet pussy aroma and jerking my cock into submission.

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