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When I first met my girlfriend she didn’t know I worked in porn. She also didn’t know I was a pervert for panties. When she did eventually find out about both of my obsessions she was upset at first. But then she let it all blow over and realized I loved her, but I also had needs she wasn’t willing to fulfill. At least not as much as I needed her to fulfill them. So she let me watch my frilly panty porn without giving me an evil eye when she caught me. In fact, she gave me head once while I was watching a girl give a panty job online!

The most recent knickers videos on Sunporno are updated several times a day. While I cannot say they will be fresh to you, I can say they are fresh to the site. It is very rare to find a duplicate video.

Try finding this video somewhere else on the internet. I bet you can’t do it. If you do leave me a comment below. If not forever hold your peace!

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buy your lover a sex toy

Are you considering all options this Valentine’s Day? You might want to take Justin Timberlake’s advice and give her a dick in a box. No, seriously!

Sex toys are a fun way to add some excitement to the bedroom. They also give her reassurance that you are not jealous. Of course I am referring to the dick in the box that might be a bit bigger than your own member. Some guys make the mistake of thinking their girl is more interested in their play toys than having sex with their man. But to think that would be like saying you are more interested in girls from Playboy than you are interested in having sex with your significant other. Toys add to the fun, don’t let your mind play tricks on you.

If getting her a vibrator seems a little odd you can always try something like giving her a pair of vibrating panties or edible ones. There are so many different sex toys out there that you can always find something inexpensive to surprise her with.

So if you are thinking about buying a partner a sex toy we say go for it!

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English escorts

One of the most requested options made by men traveling into London looking for an escort is to have a typical English woman show up in lace filled lingerie. For most Americans their only sexual experience with British women stems from the Benny Hill Show. They assume all British women run around in their lacy underthings chasing dirty old men all over the countryside. Don’t get me wrong. Women are not offended at all and love honoring this request. After all, what woman doesn’t love dressing to the nines in lace lingerie? Just don’t expect your English escort to chase you around the countryside! English rose escorts are a cut above the rest. Their attention to detail and their undying English hospitality is legendary. Try them once and you will be a customer for life. Book early and don’t forget to put in any special requests you might have such as lingerie colors, materials and the temperament of your escort.

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