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Right now there is a war going on that is waged in the hotel rooms of London. Kinky teen girls who are barely legal and ready for some excitement are jumping straight into the London escort business instead of going to university for a degree. Usually when coeds get into the business they do so to help bolster their funds for tuition. Some stay after college, but most go into high paying careers. These kinky teen girls are bypassing the career path of their older counterparts and are instead considering escorting to be their career path for years to come.

This new development means you have more options when it comes to using the services of an escort. You can stick with the coeds who are a bit more sophisticated, particularly when you use them for dinner companions or in other business functions. Or you can use the services of a teen escort who will come ready to party the night away. You might feel ten years younger just being in their presence!

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